January 20, 2023 By Wallin & Klarich

In Riverside, California, possession of a prohibited weapon is taken very seriously. If you are caught with an illegal weapon, you may be facing up to $10,000 in fines and/or up to 3 years in prison for a felony conviction. As such, it is important to know exactly what weapons are prohibited in the state. 

1. Firearms 

Firearms are a broad category of weapons designed to eject a bullet by the action of an explosive. While some individuals may receive a license to possess certain firearms, other firearms are strictly prohibited. These illegal firearms include: 

  • Short-barreled shotguns and rifles (PC Section 33215) 
  • Unconventional pistols (PC Section 31500) 
  • Cane guns (PC Section 24410) 
  • Wallet guns (PC Section 24710) 
  • Zip guns (PC Section 33600) 

2. Ammunition and Explosives 

California is one of the strictest states on gun control, and one way that the state tries to limit gun use is by regulating ammunition. Ammunition consists of any projectile capable of being expelled from a firearm. Like firearms, certain types of ammunition and explosives are prohibited from possession in the state. These include: 

  • Flechette darts (PC Section 30210) 
  • Explosive bullets (PC Section 30210) 
  • Multi-burst trigger activators (PC Section 32900) 
  • Military practice hand grenades (PC Section 19200) 

3. Knives and Swords 

While knives may seem like common household items, certain knives and swords are also illegal in California. Generally, illegal knives are those that consist of a long blade or those that are undetectable or misleading because they do not obviously look like knives and are commonly used to commit crimes. Some examples of prohibited knives and swords include: 

  • Ballistic knives (PC Section 21110) 
  • Air gauge knives (PC Section 20130) 
  • Cane swords (PC Section 20510) 
  • Lipstick case knives (PC Section 20610) 
  • Writing pen knives (PC Section 20910) 

4. Concealed Weapons 

Generally, you may not carry a concealed weapon on your person or in your vehicle in public unless you have a valid concealed carry license. If you are carrying a legal weapon in plain view, you may not be found guilty of this particular law. Concealed weapons include: 

  • Undetectable firearms (PC Section 24610) 
  • Camouflaged firearm containers (PC Section 24310) 
  • Concealed dirks and daggers (PC Section 21310) 

5. Assault Weapons 

Assault weapons are exceptionally dangerous and deadly firearms that are capable of firing more bullets and are commonplace in mass shootings. For this reason, PC Section 30605 makes it a crime to possess an assault weapon. California defines an assault weapon by its make and model, its series, and certain generic characteristics. Broadly, assault weapons include: 

  • Semiautomatic rifles 
  • Pistols 
  • Shotguns 

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