Riverside County Courthouse Guide

Riverside County Courthouse Guide

If you or someone you love has a pending legal matter in a Riverside County courthouse, you may be wondering which courthouse will be handling the case. You may even be wondering what to wear and what to bring to your court appearance.

Our skilled Riverside County criminal defense attorneys have been successfully defending clients in Riverside County courts for more than 40+ years. We understand the local court processes and we know the staff and judges at each court. Using our vast experience, we have compiled some information you should know about the Riverside County courts. Click the links below to learn more about each court:

  • Banning Justice Center – The court in Banning handles criminal and traffic matters. It is located off Ramsey Street in the city of Banning.
  • Blythe Courthouse – Located in the small city of Blythe near the California-Arizona border, this courthouse hears criminal and traffic cases. The judge who presides over cases at the Blythe Courthouse is known for being very strict.
  • Larson Justice Center – The courthouse located in the city of Indio handles criminal and traffic cases from the surrounding area, which includes Palm Springs.
  • Riverside Hall of Justice – The Riverside Hall of Justice stands right across the street from our office in Riverside. This is where many Riverside County felony and misdemeanor cases are handled.
  • Southwest Justice Center – The Southwest Justice Center in Murrieta is typically the busiest courthouse in Riverside County. Criminal and traffic matters are handled at this courthouse, and there is also a juvenile court on the facility.

You can also find more information about the Riverside County Superior Courthouses from the official government website.

If you have a legal matter pending in any of these Riverside County courthouses, you will want the help of an experienced attorney who has handled cases in the exact court where your case is pending. For more than 40+ years, our skilled lawyers at Wallin & Klarich have been defending clients in the local Riverside courts. We can help you now.

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Riverside County criminal attorneyOur skilled and knowledgeable attorneys know the local courts and the judges and prosecutors in each of these courts. Our experience defending clients in cases in these courts helps our attorneys earn favorable outcomes for our clients.

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