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I received a ticket for being in the exit lane too long. The lawyer was able to get the ticket dismissed. I didn't even have to show up in court. Service was very professional. I believe it was worth the money deducted biweekly. Would definitely recommend to someone in a similar circumstance.

Keith Caldwell

Very good firm they helped me out a lot and we're very kind and helpful the whole way they didn't make me feel like just another case or number thanks guys

Mister Romero

I am extremely happy that I decided to have the attorneys at Wallin & Klarich represent me! They were very professional, kept me posted and were on top of things. They not only made me feel confident in having them represent me but because of their actions I did not worry. My case was dismissed!! Thank you very much for representing me! I highly recommend Wallin & Klarich to all my teamster brothers and sisters!

Jesse Mora

I would like to recommend Wallin & Klarick, a law corporation for the traffic matter. The office handle my case really good. Special thanks to Samuel m. Camp. Esq he is taking time to study my case, and go with me to the court and we’re won the case. Thanks the million Samuel m camp.

Luyen Vu

Just one call & they handled everything the process was easy they kept me informed throughout the case & the outcome couldn't have been better great job Thank you so much

W R King

I am so grateful that this Law Firm got my speeding ticket dismissed. I was in Barstow California and I was doing car speed which is 70 but I was in my 18 wheeler and 18 wheeler speed is 55. If found guilty I would’ve had some heavy consequences that follow like insurance hike, maybe license revoked soon. So thank you to this Law Firm for saving my CDL from ruin. I definitely would recommend them.

Keeping it 100 Experiences

Sam was very patient and kind throughout my situation. I had talked to a couple lawyers before I came across him and these other attorneys made me feel very intimidated and like I had no other...

Mimi G. Yahoo

Brian got my case dismissed and I didn't even have to show up to either court date.. would definitely use his service agent of needed.. highly recommend

Shelly Cleavenger-Matthews

Had a great experience don't let Riverside get you on traffic tickets

Vincent cueva

Very professional law firm highly recommended. Brian worked on my case till it was won. If you want results, hire the winning team!

Jim Nice

Amazing! They made everything so easy for me. I got a speeding ticket on my way to California and I live in Nevada. From my first call, they took care of everything and made sure to update me every step of the way. My ticket was dismissed! Thank you Wallin & Klarich, especially Atty. Brian Okabayashi!

Denise Ribo

Sam Camp really helped me out. I was not eligible for traffice school becuase of my speed. He got the fine reduced by over $100 and the court ruled I could go to traffic school. This will prevent my insurance from going up! Thanks Sam!

Ron Winkler

Recieved a speeding ticket in Victorville and these guys jumped on it soon as I inquired for help. No hesitation. Great traffic defense lawyers. Never dropped the ball always took care of...

J V. Yahoo

Wallin & Klarich did an amazing job representing my daughter for her traffic citation. They were able to get her ticket dismissed. Very pleasant to work with, would highly recommend them!

Shannon Lipham

I can't begin to express how satisfied I am on how Brian Okabayashi handled my case. I was facing some pretty serious allegations so I called Wallin & Klarich immediately after my release from jail. Mr. Klarich returned my call very quick and got some information about my case. From there Brian Okabayashi was assigned to my case. Brian was professional, knowledgeable, and handled my case with precision. He always kept me informed of what was going on with my case and ultimately got my case dismissed and my arrest record SEALED! I highly recommend Wallin & Klarich and Brian for ANY legal matters, they have your back from start to finish. Two thumbs up.

Doug Doug

The law firm of Wallin & Klarich is excellent! Their support, attention to detail and customer service is top notch. They represented us in a case involving a minor and a school incident and their...

Jen K. Yahoo

Mr. Brian O. did a great job of representing me on traffic citation on getting dismiss. I will recommend to friends Wallin & Klarich

Manuel Medina

This lawfirm helped me out tremendously. They have a very smooth process. Mr. PJ Wallin really knows his stuff. Thank you


My son received a speeding ticket in Moreno Vally going 95 mph on the freeway. Unfortunately he did not qualify for traffic school at that speed. We hired Sam Camp to represent us at court. Mr Camp was able to negotiate the ticket down to 88 mph which allowed my son to go to traffic school and not have any points on his dmv driving record. This was our original goal in the first place! Mr. Camp was very good with communication and took his time answering all of our questions. Hiring this firm was the best thing we ever did. We will saving thousands on future insurance renewal with this adjusted verdict. Thank you very much for your time and effort!

Mark Masotto

The best Attorney I have every dealt with. Professional, efficient and winners. I highly recommend their service and will be using them in the future.

Charlene Mestaz

Couldn't be happier with the representation I received. Sam was very straight forward and kept me up with every move he made. Got the decesiod I was looking for. Highly recommend.

Chris Benard

Professional attorneys and assistants.

Manuel Valdes

I got a letter in the mail saying that I was being charged for two felony’s and didn’t know what to do. I got a hold of W&K and got teamed up with one of their attorneys John Patrick. John was very professional and help me every step of the way was very communicative and got both of my charges dismissed. This event was a big toll on my life, causing much stress and thanks to John and his team I was able to put it behind me and move on. I would recommend them to anybody that is faced with any kind of criminal issue needing an attorney. Thanks again to you guys and couldn’t say enough good things about this firm!

Matt Thorne

This law firm is outstanding. I had the pleasure to work with Brian Okabayashi and I am extremely thankful to have had him as my lawyer. I had received a citation for speeding and Brian was able to get the case dismissed. Brian is professional, courteous, and very personable. From the start, he provided me with the information that I needed without applying pressure to use his services. He is very competent and his price was the most reasonable of all the quotes that I had received. Every time, I had a question or concern, Brian responded immediately and returned my call or email. He was very thorough and not cocky but made me feel comfortable with his abilities. Throughout the entire process, I felt like he truly cared about me as a client. I highly recommend this law firm especially Brian O.

Valentino DiNicola

I highly recommend, super professional! Easy to work with, communication was on point! These guys are amazing!

jordon poulson

Very pleasing experience during a tough time. My lawyer and paralegal were both very responsive and detailed with what was going on.

bigbass iod

I am cognizant and very appreciative of the fact that Mr. Hong Lyu was willing, ready and able to carry through as needed. I'm eternally grateful for the Wallin & Klarich Firm in their willingness to seek out a way to reverse or minimize what was an unfortunate, stressful and what could have been very damaging situation in my life. Again, I would like to commend Mr. Hong Lyu in his relentless and successful efforts in bringing a sense of calmness in such a time of great distress. Great job!

Anthony B

Brian O was my attorney. Brian communicated with me throughout the whole process. He was very thorough. I had 3 traffic tickets one being a speeding ticket and Brian got ALL 3 dismissed! Thank you so much Brian!

dionne raychel

I reached out to Wallin & Klarich for a traffic case after having a look at their good Yelp reviews, and I was put in contact with attorney Sam Camp. Sam took great care of my matter. I am an...

Aria M. Yahoo

Case dismissed great people very professional


No hassle great service and my traffic ticket was dismissed I would go to this law firm again !

Travis Smith

I reached out to Wallin & Klarich about a speeding ticket that I wouldn't of qualified for traffic school for. Everything was amazing from the start to finish! Evan DeLorio kept me up to date and responded to me very quickly. Brian Okabayashi was able to get my ticket dismissed! Can't thank this team enough! I highly recommend Wallin & Klarich

Joaquin Duarte

Amazing Corporation, I got the pleasure to speak to Paul Wallin on Sunday Midnight do to allegations of criminal threats from my "Jehova's witness" fanatic father and being some sort of hitman. That's to Andrei Lapine who at the time was part of this corporation I was able to beat the charges and got my life back.

Christopher Velez

I am grateful for the amazing job the team did on my traffic ticket . They got it dismissed . I Didn’t have to do anything on my side. Just shows you how incredible this law firm is . I recommend them whole heartedly!

Christian Munoz

Brian was Great! I've had a handful of attorneys in my time and I've had bad and lack luster representation in the past - Brian on the other hand was Punctual, easy to talk to and had a clear...

Adam C. Yahoo

Very pleased with the attorneys that helped me with my case, I Would recommend them very highly and their fees were very reasonable. Thank you, for helping me.

Lynn Geiser

Andrew Haas did a tremendous job handling my case. He did a lot in a short amount of time in regards to the my case, and it resulted in a positive outcome.

Jason L

Their staff handled everything wonderfully while keeping me informed throughout the process.

Jeremy O'Keefe

I am an attorney in Northern California. I have been referred cases by Wallin and Klarich and referred them cases. They are a first class law firm

Peter P. Vlautin, III

Fast and professonial

Ronald McFadden

Straight forward process, great service and communications. Thank you.

Randy Teffeteller

I will highly recommend to family and friends if ever needed

Southern California

I would recommend for professionalism, timely correspondence, and overall great service.

Monique Nicolle

Had a speeding ticket. Facing possible license suspension. Called and Brian handled my case. Ticket dismissed! Would absolutely recommend.

Travis Clark

I received a ticket in Riverside and contacted Wallin & Klarich to represent me. Their professionalism and strategy was incredible. Not only that but they communicated all options very well to ensure I understood what I could or should do. Even though I've never met them in person, they were excellent to speak and work with remotely. I would recommend them to others searching for a high quality firm in the Riverside area.

Brady Small

It was a pleasure working with Brian T. Okabayashi - Wallin & Klarich. Criminal charges are a very stressful thing to deal with. I was expecting several years of probation, community service, a work release program, and 52 required classes. Thanks to Brian, I walked out, case closed with only a $220 fine. That's it! I am a very happy customer.

Benjamin McCrummen

thank you again to wallin & klarich for dismissing my ticket, they did a great job and if i know anyone who needs legal help i’ll be referring them here and also thank you to brian for representing me

Thomas Giuliano

Excellent lawyers helpimg me with traffic ticket dismissed. Highly recommended!

Dn Ch

I could not have hired a better law firm to represent me in my Child Dependency case. Child Dependency cases are very unique in the way they are structured and things move very quickly. With so much riding on the outcome of the case I knew that the law firm we chose and the attorney that we were assigned could make the difference in me getting to raise my child or the county seeking foster care. Mr. Wallin is the type of advocate you want on your side in a case like this or any other. He genuinely cared and was going to see to it that the court and other attorneys were going to see things our way which was the just way. So many things could have gone wrong but Mr. Wallin saw to it that everything went right. We got the best possible outcome for my daughter and me and I owe it to outstanding representation. I would refer this law firm without hesitation to anyone who’s In need of the best representation around.

Joe Sacks

From the first phone call to the judge deciding in our favor, Wallin and Klarich did everything right! Brian Okabayashi was terrific! He's so calm and reassuring that it really helped us get through a very stressful situation. He was very knowledgeable and helped us understand our options. He kept us informed and organized the presentation in court so that all our key points were covered and the opposition didn't stand a chance! I would definitely recommend this firm.

Patrice Treinen

I reached out to Wallin & Klarich for a Felony DUI causing great bodily injury and they gave me a great quote for their services and their expertise was what I was looking for. Samuel was my...

Miguel G. Yahoo

Samuel Camp represented me on two cases for traffic citations. He always responded to my questions and concerns promptly, as well as informed me every step of the way during my process. Definitely recommend this firm, they ae full of support!

BritNi Lobo

My son was falsely accused of indecent exposure. The accusations were brought about in an attempt for my girlfriend’s ex husband to gain full custody of her kids. Even though, the District Attorney had rejected to file formal charges, my son was still going to be listed on the Child Abuse Central Index (CACI). This was all devastating to my family and the listing could have potentially ruined my son’s life. We hired Wallin & Klarich and Andrei Lapine represented us at the CACI hearing, which with his dedication and knowledge of the law we won the hearing and my son will not be listed as a child abuser. Although, charges were never filed, there was still a police report and record of arrest, which could be viewed through a background check. We did not want this incident to hinder him in the future by having to explain this arrest, so Mr. Lapine filed a motion to seal & destroy the arrest records, which was granted. We are thankful to Andrei for everything he has done in my son’s case and I would recommend him and Wallin & Klarich to anyone who needs help in their legal matters.

chris kulm

Evan DeLorio & Bryan Okabayashi are like the perfect couple. They first helped me calm down over a speeding ticket that would have been very costly if I handled it myself. Evan was very responsive and informative throughout the process and Bryan just worked his magic at the courthouse. No words can express my gratitude for their services other than I felt like I won the lottery!

Heidi Chang

This law firm is great! I highly recommend them.

Kirsti Correa Bloom

Samuel M. Camp, Esq. is the guy. He was able to get my speeding ticket dismissed. Sam, great job, I will definitely recommend you and your law firm.

Ron Brookes Jr

Great service. Assisted promplty and kept me updated with case status. Very professional and effectice. My ticket was dismissed! Thank you!

Michelle Rivas

Dear Wallin & Klarich Law Corp: I wanted to take a moment to publicly acknowledge the expertise of Paul J. Wallin. When it comes to solving your legal problems, Paul is an expert who understands the law, and the best steps to take to resolve your legal matters. Best of all, he is personable, professional and truly cares. If you're looking for a lawyer who will treat you right, make you feel comfortable, and most importantly represent you like a pro, then look no further then Paul J. Wallace and the Wallin & Klarich law firm. It's the bench mark of legal excellence and I highly recommend them! Sincerely, Michael 🙂

Michael Mahon

Thank you Brian Okabayashi for getting my case dismissed. Didn't have to travel since I lived 8 hrs away from Indio, CA (where I received my ticket).

Adrian B. Yahoo

I called their office literally 3 days before my court date for my speeding ticket (going over 100mph), and right away they started to attend to my case. I was sent the intake paperwork and they started working on my case and showed up on my behalf for court. They were able to get my case dismissed!!! No extra hidden fees to pay, no points, no traffic school! Thank you so much for everything!


Kudos to Wallin & Klarich for their exceptional service. Attorney Brian Okabayashi is a credit to the firm and was a consummate professional in handling my daughters case! He should be a "partner" in the firm. We will be definitely utilizing them for any future cases and will recommend Brian and Wallin & Klarich to everyone we know! Keep up the good work!! Sincerely Ivan Kong

Ivan Kong

Great representation and my sentence was lowered more than expected. I highly recommend Walin & Klarich

Sterling Wheaton

Clear communication, friendly attitudes. Swiftly took care of my legal needs in regards to a traffic citation. Would recommend!

Austin Rodriguez

Wow I am very please with the way Sam Camp handled my case.He was able to get my battery case dropped.He made me feel comfortable and positive at a time when I was stressing.I would HIGHLY recommend this law firm and my guy Sam!! Thank you and your law firm once agin!!

jose ruelas

The best lawyers.I am very satisfied with their services.True professionals.Thank you

Dimo Bratanov

Great service ! And they did exactly what i meeded them todo ! Thank you very much.

seth korzeniewski

This law office was extremely helpful with my case. They answered all of my questions and were very straightforward. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Daniel Everly

David Wohl from Wallin & Klarich did an incredible job representing me. He had my back throughout the entire legal process, kept me informed, and was able to secure a very good deal in my matter. He was very professional, non-judgmental, and reassuring in the way he handled the case. I would recommend his services for those who want excellent representation and a good negotiator. UPDATE: 5/23/2016 I felt that I needed to give an update regarding my case (which has been resolved for months now); my first review gave this law firm and David Wohl 5 stars, and now I wish I could give them more. After my case was resolved, the police did not want to release my property, and refused to do so for months. When I brought this to David Wohl's attention, he was able to obtain a court order for the return of my property (which the police department are now in the process of complying with); Mr. Wohl has gone above and beyond all expectations with tying up the loose ends of my case. I also want to say more about just how good of a deal David Wohl was able to secure for my matter. In speaking with some others who have gone through similar ordeals, and hired private attorneys to handle their matters, it appears that I was blessed with incredible representation. One individual that I became acquainted with said that he only speaks to his attorney (who he privately hired) on the days he has to appear in court, which seems crazy; he is currently an unconvicted man, out on bail (pending trial), and has very little contact with his attorney (as well as very little knowledge about what is going on in his own case). With Mr. Wohl, I was always kept up-to-date with matters regarding my case, and he always insisted that I contact him if I had any questions (of which he would promptly answer). Another individual that I was speaking with explained what happened in their case, and it seemed as if their attorney secured a deal that was done more in the interest of quickly resolving the matter so that the attorney could move on to someone else rather than work tirelessly fighting for their client. I cannot reiterate enough that David Wohl fought for me to the last minute and secured an agreement that was in my best interest. As a result, I do not have to worry about my future employment being jeopardized (which is of the utmost importance to me), and I can continue to live a normal life. And the thing about this is that I wasn't some special person who received extra attention.... I wasn't a friend of a friend who David Wohl owed a favor.... I was just someone who needed solid representation for a serious matter, and that is exactly what I received (in fact, solid would be underselling Mr. Wohl's work, I received excellent representation). Based on the amount of attention I was able to receive from this law firm, and how vigilantly Mr. Wohl fought for me, I fully believe that if I were left in the hands of the public defender, I would be SOL, and only marginally better off with any other private attorney. The more people I talk to, the more apparent this becomes.

William L

These guys did a phenomenal job in my representation in a speeding ticket that was unjustly given to me in Riverside County. Samuel Camp was my lawyer and he was awesome always communicating and keeping me updated on the case 10/10 2 thumps up will look for their service in the future. you won't regret their service

Chris T

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