The Blythe Courthouse

The following types of cases are handled at the Blythe Courthouse:

  • Criminal
  • Traffic
  • Family Law
  • Civil
  • Small Claims
  • Evictions

Your case is being handled in the Blythe Courthouse if it contains any of the following prefixes:

  • BLM
  • BLV
  • BLS
  • LF
  • BLD
  • BLC

To get to the Blythe Courthouse, take the 10 freeway to Lovekin Boulevard. Go east on Hobson Way, then north on Broadway. The courthouse is located at the following address:

The Blythe Courthouse
265 N. Broadway
Blythe, CA 92225

The Blythe Courthouse is open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday only. Public parking is available in front of the courthouse facility.

If you have been accused of a serious crime near Blythe, you should contact an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney at Wallin & Klarich. Our skilled Riverside County criminal defense lawyers have been successfully defending clients in the local courts for more than 40+ years. We may be able to help you obtain a favorable result in your case.

What You Need to Know About the Blythe Courthouse

Blythe is a small city near the California-Arizona border. Due to its location, many of the criminal and traffic cases being heard in the Blythe Courthouse involve people who were passing through on their way to vacation. Judges in this courthouse are often very strict on people who are not from the area.

Court opens at 7:30 a.m. at the Blythe Courthouse. Most cases are heard in Department 260 of the facility.

You should arrive at least a few minutes early if you have a court date at this facility so that you do not risk being late. If you are not present at the time your case is heard, the judge could issue a bench warrant for your arrest.

Judges at the Blythe Courthouse

The Hon. Burke Strunsky presides over most cases in the Blythe Courthouse. Judge Strunksy is a former homicide prosecutor with Riverside County and a founder of a non-profit organization that aims “to root out child abuse across the United States.”

With a background as a homicide prosecutor, Judge Strunksy is known for being very strict on cases involving serious felony matters. That is why you should consider hiring a skilled and knowledgeable Riverside County criminal defense attorney to represent you if you have been accused of committing a felony near Blythe.

List of Prohibited Items in the Blythe Courthouse

For the safety of those in the courthouse, the following items have been banned from the Blythe Courthouse. You could be prohibited from entering the facility if you attempt to bring in with you any of the following items:

  • Firearms
  • Tasers and stun guns
  • Gun-shaped lighters and toy or replica guns, including BB guns and pellet guns
  • Bullets and ammunition
  • All knives and sharp items, including Swiss Army knives, multi-tool type knives and knitting needles
  • Scissors
  • Razors and box cutters
  • Hand tools, such as screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches and hammers
  • Ice picks
  • Tear gas, pepper gas and mace
  • Animal repellent
  • Butane fuel
  • Cigarette lighters
  • Darts
  • Letter openers
  • Heavy duty wire
  • Heavy gauge chains
  • Laser pointers (except by attorneys needing it for trial)
  • Skateboards and skates
  • Needles and syringes
  • Alcohol and controlled substances, including marijuana
  • Handcuffs and handcuff keys
  • Glass containers or objects

Sheriff’s Department supervisors at the Blythe Courthouse also reserve the right to prohibit you from bringing any item into the courthouse that they believe presents a safety concern.

You are allowed to bring cellphones into the courthouse facility, but they must be turned off upon entering the courtroom. Food, drinks and chewing gum are also prohibited within the courtroom.

Dress Code for the Blythe Courthouse

If you are making an appearance at the Blythe Courthouse, you should know that the court enforces a strict dress code.

Shirts and shoes are required, while tank tops and T-shirts are not permitted. You should dress professionally when entering a court. Our Riverside County criminal defense lawyers recommend you wear business attire, such as a suit, when making a court appearance.

You should also know that you could be denied entry into the Blythe Courthouse if you bring “excess clothing beyond what is reasonable for personal use and current weather conditions.”

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If you or someone you love has been accused of a serious felony offense that is being handled in the Blythe Courthouse, you should contact an experienced Riverside County criminal defense lawyer immediately.

At Wallin & Klarich, our criminal defense lawyers have more than 40+ years of experience successfully defending clients facing felony charges in Riverside County. Our knowledge of the Blythe Courthouse and familiarity with the judge who will be hearing your case can be used to help you obtain a favorable outcome in your case.

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