June 9, 2023 By Wallin & Klarich

San Bernardino County and the state are currently facing a class action lawsuit for failing to provide adequate protection to children in foster care. When you are facing a child dependency case in Southern California, you need to understand how serious this is and why the county is being sued for its alleged treatment of children in foster care. If you need help with your child dependency case, call our attorneys at Wallin & Klarich today. 

Currently, attorneys at Sheppard Mullin have accused San Bernardino County Children and Family Services of failing to protect the 5,800 children under its supervision and creating dangerous environments for these children. Sheppard Mullin has thus partnered with the national nonprofit advocacy organization A Better Childhood to file a federal class action against both the state and the county. Sheppard Mullin hopes that the class action will force the defendants to implement better measures to protect vulnerable foster kids. 

In their complaint, Sheppard Mullin alleged that the county’s foster care system is extremely dysfunctional and that the county is aware of the system’s issues. In a prior grand jury proceeding, the grand jury recommended that the county dismantle the system altogether and implement a community-based center where all foster care services are centralized. Additionally, the county recently settled a case for almost $8 million in September, where a boy in the foster care system was physically and sexually abused by his older brother after they were placed in the same foster home despite previous abuse allegations. 

Due to the high caseloads, it is alleged that workers in San Bernardino County are unable to protect these children, putting them at risk. As a result, Sheppard Mullin has asked the court to order the county to lower the workloads of case workers, create plans for each child, and ensure that services are actually provided. Furthermore, children with disabilities should be provided with accommodations that they need in group homes. Hopefully, this is a step in the right direction for vulnerable children in the foster care system in San Bernardino County. 

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