Eric A. Jones, Esq.

Eric A. Jones, Esq.

Title: Partner
Serving Clients: San Bernardino County, Riverside County
Education: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Juris Doctor
Practice Areas: Criminal Defense, DUI Defense, DMV hearings, Child Dependency, Theft Crimes, Drug Crimes, Assault and Battery, Weapons Charges, Misdemeanors, Felonies

Eric A. Jones is an enthusiastic and passionate associate attorney at Wallin & Klarich. He prides himself on protecting the rights of his clients and obtaining the best possible outcome in their case.
Mr. Jones has represented hundreds of clients in misdemeanor and felony cases, traffic matters and DUI cases.
Our clients hire Mr. Jones because of his compassion for sensitive legal issues and his ability to present an effective defense.
Upon first talking to Mr. Jones, his clients immediately recognize his honesty and straightforwardness. He embraces every client as if they are a member of his own family.

How Eric A. Jones Can Help You

As an attorney, Mr. Jones understands he can use his position to help people when they need it the most and that makes all of his hard work worth it.
“When I am able to get a case dismissed, my clients are extremely relieved and have some of their confidence in our criminal justice system restored,” Mr. Jones said. “Personally, these types of outcomes are extremely gratifying because innocent people should never be punished or have any of their freedoms taken away.”

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Mr. Jones has an unrivaled faith in the criminal justice system. He carries a strong belief that everyone accused of a crime should utilize the services of a criminal defense attorney to ensure that their constitutional rights are preserved.
“At Wallin & Klarich, we look for attorneys that are not only outstanding lawyers, but are also caring human beings,” Wallin & Klarich Senior Partner Paul Wallin said. “Eric Jones embodies a Wallin & Klarich lawyer in every way. He truly cares about each one of his clients and wants to get them the best possible result in their case at all costs.”
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Title: Partner
Serving Clients: San Bernardino County, Riverside County
Practice Areas: Criminal Defense, DUI Defense, DMV hearings, Child Dependency, Theft Crimes, Drug Crimes, Assault and Battery, Weapons Charges, Misdemeanors, Felonies

  • University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), B.A. American Literature
  • University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), B.S. Immunology and Molecular Genetics
  • University of Nebraska College of Law, Juris Doctor with Distinction

Member of:

  • The State Bar of California: #268594
  • The Nebraska Law Review
  • Nebraska Moot Court

Admitted to Practice in the Following Courts:

  • All California State Courts



“My experience with Wallin & Klarich was awesome. I was referred to the Riverside office where the legal assistant, who was very helpful in answering all my questions. The attorney who was going to represent me was in court, but he called me and took all the information regarding the case, and referred me to his associate attorney, Mr. Eric Jones. I met with Mr. Eric Jones, and he was very familiar with my case, answered all my questions, and clarified my options. I was very impressed with him he was courteous and respectful, he made me feel comfortable speaking with him. Overall, I would highly recommend Wallin & Klarich to anybody. Thank you Mr. Eric Jones for such excellent service!”
“Anyone that is looking for a criminal lawyer should stop looking after finding Wallin & Klarich. My attorney was Eric Jones, and although it was inevitable with our judgement and sentencing, he was there to make me feel like a person and human rather than another person the government can suck money out of for their mistakes. Not only would he return my phone calls and provide me advice, but he even showed concern for my safety at times during the situation. His intelligence, honesty, sincerity, and integrity made me feel that I had the best attorney I could have, and he prepared me to the best of his knowledge of what the outcomes could be. From the bottom of my heart, I can’t say it enough that even after 8 months after the sentencing, he still returned my phone call for a minor question. You can’t find that kind of service or those kind of caring people these days. Thank you so much!”
“I give Wallin & Klarich five stars! I stumbled onto a 10-year-old warrant and with the speedy help of my Attorney Eric Jones, he was able to quickly remove the warrant for me. Then, he went to work on my case and got it dismissed! What a heavy load off my shoulders that was. This was all done while I was actually residing in another state. I did not even have to be present. I would trust this firm with any legal issues I hope not to encounter in the future. Thanks for the great representation.”
“Eric Jones is an excellent communicator and followed through on every commitment he made to me. I hope to not have to use a traffic lawyer in the near future, but if I did, I would without question contact Eric for help.”
“Eric Jones…intelligent, detailed in finding flaws, calm and trustworthy. The best lawyer ever!!”
“I am so relieved to have called when I did. Eric Jones was of the utmost help and prevented our family a potential legal tragedy. He was not only knowledgeable, but kind and took the time to hear me out.”
“I not only recommend attorney Eric A. Jones, but I guarantee once you have used his service you too will look no further. He responds in an extreme timely matter, he is a very knowledge, trustworthy person. There is no other attorney that will work as hard for you. I used Eric for my brother’s criminal case, he is a wonderful attorney I could not have been happier, my brothers sentence was reduced to half of the original offer prior to hiring Eric. He was very straight forward and told us what to expect every step of the way. Eric is an excellent attorney who really goes above and beyond for his client, I’d trust him with anything, please don’t hesitate to contact him.”
“I was being charged with a misdemeanor and went to my first court appearance by myself. I was told the fine could be up to $5000. I then decided to hire Eric Jones and I am so glad I did. From then on he handled everything for me. The charge was reduced to an infraction and the fine down to $365. He was very knowledgeable and made the whole experience stress free. I would highly recommend Eric Jones.”
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